Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Speaks Conference Scholarship

One of the things I love about spring is my birthday.  There's just something about celebrating the life I have while watching life explode around me in colors that only God could have thought up.

And one of the things I love about my birthday is the shopping I get to do afterwards.

That's why it was a major deal when I was challenged to take a thirty-day "spending fast" a couple of years ago during the month of April.  The month of my birthday.  During that period of time, I only allowed myself to purchase what was absolutely necessary for my family's needs.  That meant no stops for Diet Coke at Mickey D's.  No three dollar shirts from the Kohl's clearance rack.  Not even a 25 cent book from Goodwill.  And I learned a lot about my lack of relying on the very Giver of Life to fill me with His real life.  I realized my propensity to find as many justifiable bargains as I could and then brag about them when someone admired them.  I learned that I found some of my worth in that.  I let that giddy feeling fill my need for true satisfaction and life.  The kind that can only be found in God Himself.

After the fast was over and I finally allowed myself to spend my birthday money, I don't even remember what I bought.  I do remember, however, that it did not take long to spend that money.  (I mean, c'mon, I learned some great lessons, I kept my vow to God, but I had some shopping to do!)  Because money burns holes in my pockets when I know I have it to spend.

Truth is kind of like that for me.  When I grab hold of a truth and God settles it inside me and grows it into some thoughts, I have to tell it.  I can't not share it.  It would burn holes in my heart, I think. 

That's why I write.  It's why I teach.  And it's why I got so stinkin' excited when I found out about the She Speaks conference. 
It's an annual conference by Proverbs 31 Ministries for women who want God to use them through writing, speaking, leading.  Seriously, the first time I read about this conference, I was almost dizzy with excitement just to find out that something so seemingly perfect even exists!  And I decided to make it a "prayer project."  So God could figure out a way for me to go.  In other words, when I excitedly told my husband about it and got to the cost details, we realized it's a little out of the budget that my husband and I have agreed upon for the "things that would be awesome but didn't plan on when we started saving" category. 

But if God wants me to go, He'll figure it out.  So I started praying about it.

Well, you might imagine my enthusiasm when I found out that Lysa Terkeurst is giving away a scholarship this month for the 2010 She Speaks Conference!  Because God answers prayer.  Through this scholarship, He will allow someone to go who maybe couldn't otherwise go.  And because I have no doubt that there are others like me who are watching to see how God figures it out for them to go as well.  And because this world of blogging is full of amazingly talented and gifted women who want to be used by God to help change lives with His truth.  So whether it's me or someone else, God will answer prayer.  Because He's good like that.


But, man, I hope it's me.  :)


laura said...

Wow! That does sound awesome. Thanks for sharing. I will prayerfully consider going to one of those in the future, because I definitely have a burning desire to tell others about the messages God has placed on my heart! I suppose that's not as weird as I thought it was! lol

God has a way of working things out in totally unexpected ways... I will pray for a miracle for you - in whatever form that takes! :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Brianna. I LOVE the way you write! I feel your lighthearted spirit through your words. As God works out the details of how we get to She Speaks (if it's His will) I hope that I get to meet you there. I just feel that we could be friends (I hope you're not weirded out by that). I think we might just hit it off with the things we have in common. Like the fact that I need to go on that shopping fast. It's rare that I go in a store for a specific thing and not come out with another or way more than I came for. Last week, I was on a mission to get a new wallet. When I went in the store, I saw this handbag... Oh happiness! But... I left that handbag in the store along with my broken heart. I still think about that handbag and sometimes I don't even know what to say to God. "Lord, I want that handbag"? But I knew I left it there so that He can finish the work He started in me. Patience. Endurance. Self-control. *sigh*

Maybe now I'm babbling... but one last thing. I am the same way. When God does something (whether it's painful or great or exciting), I feel the need to tell a friend. Thanks for being that friend today.

Wander said...

I hope your dream comes true!

I know this is an exciting time and contest. I would love to be a part of it too.
I feel like you. If God wants me there...He's going to work out the details!

I love your financial fast idea! I need to take it on, seriously!

Revealing A Woman's Heart said...

Hi Brianna,

I loved reading your post this mornin. What an incredible story God has given you! I pray that whether or not you win the scholarship, God will open doors for you to come to She Speaks this Summer. It would be such an honor to meet you!

Sweet blessings,
Leah DiPascal


Kimberly said...

"I can't not share it. It would burn holes in my heart, I think."
Oh, my! I LOVE that! That is so me, too! Okay...and so me, too, on the Kohl's sales thing! You can get some CUTE stuff SUPER cheap! ;)

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and for taking the time to bless me with a sweet comment! :)

Trusting who He has already chosen the scholarships for...but sure enough hoping that maybe I'm one of them! Hope you are, too! :) Isn't it awesome there are THREE!


Shannan said...

Brianna, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!! I've loved all the new blogs I've found just simply because of the She Speaks conference. God has a great plan for someone...that is for sure! I'm excited but will trust that His will be done for all involved!! Such a blessing and an amazing opportunity!! I just book another one of Lysa's books, "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith." I call it the "flip-flop" book...because of the cover. Lysa is my new fave!!! What an inspiration!! Good luck and blessings to you! I'll be looking for YOUR name on Friday!!!!

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