Monday, March 31, 2008

Grandparents Weekend

So a few weeks ago, my mom and dad invited the kids for the weekend after Easter. That would be the weekend that just passed. And when I say "the kids" I mean both of mine and all three of my sister's. That would be five kids, two grandparents, a brand new house and four very happy adult children who would drop off their children for two whole days!

What a blessing to have parents that want to and can spend time with their grandkids making memories and building forever bonds! And oh, the memories they made. Like going to the zoo. And being the first overnight guests in my parents' brand new house. And my eldest eating Chinese food with chopsticks. What fun! And the youngest daughter's first injury-induced trip to the emergency room for a split lip. (Praise God no stitches were needed!) Those memories will last a good, long time, no doubt.

What a blessing to live close enough to our parents that stuff like that can happen!

Not to mention the refreshment I felt as we drove them home yesterday after picking them up. And the escape that my husband and I got to experience as we watched a movie on the big screen (10,000 B.C.) for the first time since ... um ... I think Charlotte's Web was the last movie I saw at the theater. (Wow! That's sad, huh? Good thing we have Netflix.)

As the weekend began, I found myself anxious for time away from my normal routine. I thought, at first, it was the time away from my children that I was wanting and needing. But I came to realize that, like most people, I just looked forward to a bit of relief from my normal routine of life. Recalling the longing I had, just seven years ago, for a routine that included children of my own, I was struck with the reality that the grass usually seems greener in somebody else's yard. Seven years ago, I was so anxious for those endless weekends of getting up early, countless hours of watching Disney movies instead of my own. And the abounding joy of sharing life with my own offspring, teaching, laughing, wiping noses and all. And now, seven short years later I often seek time away from that routine. Maybe that's what McDonald's was talking about -- "we do deserve a break today." But just a break. Because I wouldn't have it any other way -- my children bring so much fun to my life. So much excitement and love of life. What a blessing they are! Truly.

So here I am on Monday. Thankful for my routine. And thankful for time away from it. Enjoying each moment I'm given when I'm given it. And enjoying my children even more because of my awesome parents who had the foresight to see that we all needed a break this weekend.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. Now it's your turn for the break! :)
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