Tuesday, June 10, 2008

so much to do, so much to say ...

So I know it's been a while. And in the midst of that long while, I've come up with some great blogging topics, which I will now list and hope to return to someday . . . and here they are in no particular order . . .
-people are really entertaining to watch at concerts (Eric Clapton, May 31, Blossom Music Center)
-grass and weeds are really difficult to dig up with a shovel, but it's a great workout
-I very much dislike being busy, but am learning a new definition of discipline in a rather new stage of life
-The eldest is now taking swimming lessons
-is it wrong to bribe your children with McDonald's Happy Meals in order to reward them for getting her face wet during swimming lessons?
-getting up at 6am is really not as bad as I once thought
-homemade strawberry anything (i.e. pie, jam) tastes unbelievably good if you've just picked the strawberries
-tricks for keeping an almost 1st grader busy during the summer (any ideas?)

I'll be back soon with some more.
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