Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aspirations of a Strawberry

She was only two-years-old.  But she's always been mature for her age.  The wisdom of a child is something I will forever admire.

So when she told her grandpa that she wanted to be a strawberry when she grows up, I was not surprised.  Rather, I was delighted. 

Because, the truth about growing up is that it has less to do with what we do than it does about who we are.

And now she eats strawberries instead of aspiring to be one of them.

Today, I'm linking up with tuesdays unwrapped as I thank God for what He teaches me through my children.


Amy said...

It is amazing the lessons I learn from my little ones. Many days they are the best teachers I could ever ask for. Great picture. She is a cutie!

Trisha said...

These are some of the best lessons, too, the ones we learn from our children. I'm unwrapping that gift with you.

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