Vigilant Wives Club

Wanna' join in on the book study I'm leading this fall?  We're going through the book Finding the Hero in Your Husband by Dr. Julianna Slattery.

Each Monday, I'll post some thoughts about the book and ask some questions for discussion.  You can join in by posting your comments.  Or you can post a link to your own blog and discuss it more in depth.

Here is the schedule we'll follow . . .
Monday, 10/4 Foreword & Intro

Monday, 10/11 Chapters 1&2 "Do You Believe in fairy Tales?" & "Power for a Purpose"

Monday, 10/18 Chapter 3 "Submission : A Four-Letter Word?"

Monday, 10/25 Chapter 4 "How Did Our Kingdom Become a Dictatorship?"

Monday, 11/1 Chapter 5 "Nobody Told Me That Marriage Could Be So Lonely"

Monday, 11/8 Chapters 6&7 "My Prince Turned Into a Frog!" & "Opposites Fatally Attract"

Monday, 11/15 Chapter 8 "The Magic Potion That Tainted Our Fairy Tale"

Monday, 11/22 Chapters 9&10 "Husband-Proofing the Home" & "Making Dreams Come True"

Monday, 11/29 Chapter 11 "No More 'Headaches' "

Monday, 12/6 Chapter 12 "Who’s Building Your House?"

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