Monday, March 29, 2010

The Vigilance of a Sandwich Artist

I'm almost embarassed to admit this.  Because in my mind it's always been a "wifely duty".  Just like changing the sheets and doing (most of) the laundry.  (Please don't think that my mind is the end all be all of what truly is.  Because the definition of "wifely duties" varies for each wife.)  But I'll swallow my pride and get it off my chest. . .

My husband packs his own lunch every morning before he leaves for work. 

While I have been known to have small spurts here and there of spreading the Miracle Whip and slapping on the ham or turkey, the sum total of those mornings could be safely guesstimated to equal approximately one whole week in our entire 13.5 years of marriage.

Why, you ask?  Well, for starters, I'm not a morning person.  And.  Although I've been getting up early these past four weeks or so, I have my own ideas of how to spend those precious few minutes before my children awake.  Namely, some time alone and quiet with the Lord of my Life.  Sounds nice, huh?  Yeah, I think so too.  Trouble is, God's been working on me lately to be more vigilant in my marriage.  And when the Lord of your Life is convicting you about looking for ways to serve your husband, and then He gives you an idea of how to carry that quiet time is more like not quiet time.  Because I spend much of it chasing away the guilty feelings and drowning out the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit as He reminds me of my recent commitment to be a vigilant wife who looks for ways to serve her husband. Everyday.  And, well, that whole succession pretty much nullifies the "quiet" in the time.

So today, I am surrendering.  And I am going to make my husband's lunch every morning this week before he goes to work.  Because I know it is a great way to honor my husband.  But, more than that, because I want my quiet time back.  And the only way I can get that is by listening to His voice and doing what He's asking me to do.  (i.e. Serve my husband even when it's not necessarily in a way I want to serve.)  And I know that He is asking me to do it so that my marriage honors Him.  So that my marriage works the way that He Himself designed it to.

And my man is totally worth it.  And so is my God. 

Today marks the third week of the Vigilant Wives Club. I love knowing that there are other wives out there that want to honor God in our marriages by honoring our husbands and loving them vigilantly. If you missed last week's club, you can check it out here. Don't miss sugarbaby-coby's post as well as cooperkelly4's. They are my new friends, and I think you'll find their hearts and their words super encouraging. I know I do.

I hope you join in.  All you need to do is click on the McKlinky thing at the bottom of this post. Please make sure to put your permalink as the link instead of your general blog url. (A permalink is the url address to a specific post. For example: Then follow the instructions, and you're done. Have fun serving Jesus this week.


Coby said...

Sounds like the Lord convicted us about the EXACT SAME THING! I started making my husband's lunch last fall, and I can't tell you how much he appreciated it. I then had a baby, and it didn't happen every day, but I've recently jumped back on the wagon.

Just this morning I was praying while he was in the shower, and the Lord told me to make his lunch. I realized that in serving my husband, I am obeying the Lord! (Titus 2).

Great post!

brianna said...

Coby, I am so encouraged that I'm not the only one who struggles with this very seemingly small way of serving. :) But, like you say, it's pretty much all in the small stuff. That's what vigilance is, right?

cooperkelly4 said...

Hi girls! =0) Making lunch is a "normal" part of our day here (just cause I used to make both of ours when we went to campus and then when I started having kids; I came off campus and the lunch making continued) But for me, one of the challenges in the past is to greet him at the door when he comes home. Making a point to stop what I am doing (dishes, getting dinner ready, etc) and greet him with a kiss and a smile versus a "bad attitude and crankiness during that crazy getting dinner ready hour." I am I the only one who has this type of hour sometimes? I really appreciate this little club and being conscious of the decisions I make to cultivate my relationship with the Lord and my husband! I love that the Lord is doing this in other wives too. =0) Kelly

Anonymous said...

First. I love the new blog design! It's so happily girly! I love it! Second, I am so joining the Vigilant Wives Club. I've never been a part of a club before and what better club to join than this!
Third. Boy, have I got a long way to go. *shake it off, crack that neck muscle... exhale* Let`s do dis!

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