Monday, March 15, 2010

I Promise(d)

I Promise(d)

I did.  Because I loved him. 

I do.  Because I love him. 

I will.  Because I promised. 

I promised him.

And now, with so much more at stake, I've promised them.

But, mostly, I promised Him.

So, even though the choice to love doesn't always come as easy as the day I said "I do," I always will. 

No matter what. 

I promise(d).

**Today begins the Vigilant Wives Club.  I might be the only person in this little club.  But no matter.  Because I want to protect my marriage with vigilance.  And, in so doing, I will look for ways to serve my Master, Jesus Christ by serving my husband, whom He gave to me.  To love.  And honor.  And cherish.  Every today.

Okay, now it's your turn...
***Here's how it works...  Leave a comment here about your husband and one way you choose to serve him today or this week.  Or, if you have a blog, get your permalink for the post you'd like to share (a permalink is the URL to a specific blog post) then paste it into the nice little McKlinky thingy right here so other people can read and be encouraged by your vigilance. 

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cooperkelly4 said...

I had a moment like this just a couple of days ago and blogged about it too. (hah, not that I am that much of a blogger, just here and there)
Scroll down and it is titled:
"He makes me want to be" Just found your blog and am enjoying it. =0)

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