Sunday, August 1, 2010

He Gets Me

He gets me.

We've been married for almost 14 years, but there is still stuff in the deep down me that I am somehow afraid to show him.  It comes out anyway because, um, I am not one who can easily hide what's inside for long.  And that's when his very nature lives out the unconditional faithfulness.  The vow he made on that day when I got all pretty and kissed him up in front of the church.  Before we fed each other cake and kissed for 200 forks clinking water glasses.

And he remains unshaken when I finally disclose what he's known all along.  I'm flawed.  Imperfect.  Yet, naked-souled, I show him the deep down.  And he gets me.

Not just because he promised that he always would.  But because he loves me.

Create your own banner at!Biblical marriage provides a beautiful picture, flawed as it may be, of Almighty God's love for us, His bride.  Just like my husband gets me.  God gets us.  Because Love Himself loves.  It's Who He is.

And that All-knowing, Almighty God promised He would never, ever leave us.  Because He loves us.  Love Himself Loves me!  Vigilantly.  Without exception.

I hope you'll link up and let us know what it means for you to be a vigilant wife.  I am looking forward to reading your entries. . .


cooperkelly4 said...

I just love this one! "Love Himself loves me too!♥

Esther said...

hi evil twin :)
love this idea of the vigilant wife! I'm sure I'll be joining at some point in the to MOPS Convention this week!

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