Monday, August 23, 2010

Beauty That Inspires Praise

Anytime I see something beautiful

even if it's just a glimpse of real beauty

I praise the Creator.

The One Who thought it all up.

I'm pretty sure that's what the Apostle Peter was talking about when he wrote to wives . . .

That's the kind of vigilant wife I want to be.  The kind that points my husband to Creator God.  The kind of "holy beauty" that captivates him.  True beauty.  Because, although my man is definitely not "indifferent to any words about God," I want him to be inspired to worship his Creator. My Creator.  By the way that I live.

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1 comment:

cooperkelly4 said...

so good and so simple! I won't be posting vigilant wives this week, but I 'll be back at it next week. (oh, and I will still be vigilant this week, that is part of not posting this week. lol sometimes got to take time just to be present with him.=0)

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