Monday, April 26, 2010

The Prayer of Vigilance

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Can I just say, knowing that Monday is coming changes my outlook for the weekend?  I mean, every Friday since this began, I start looking for some way, ANY way, to serve my husband in some wildly creative manner so that I can come here and write about it and inspire you all in your vigilance as wives.  And, inevitably, every Sunday, I sit down to write my Monday post and come up with such thrilling originality as . . . pumping gas for him and . . . making his lunch.

Well, have no fear.  For today is no exception.

My commitment this week involves what I believe to be the most fundamental activity that any Christ-based marriage can perform.  Unfortunately, however, it is something I have always struggled with when it comes to my husband. 

It is the simple act of praying for him.

Please don't get me wrong.  I do not think that praying is boring.  (Though, I must admit there have been times I've been bored with someone else's prayer --- oops!  Did I really just admit that?)  Nor do I think that praying is easy.  What I do think is that prayer for our husbands is the most effective means of vigilant love there can be.  Because I believe that prayer is God's chosen way of getting things done that He wants to get done.  And when I pray for my husband, I get to participate in God's work in His life.  I get to learn to see my husband the way that Love Himself sees him.  When I come before God Himself, I submit myself to Him and His ways.  I learn to speak His language.  And I learn to love real love.

For whatever reason, God chose to involve us in His work.  And for whatever reason, He chose to use our prayers, our very communication with the I AM Who created life itself, to accomplish His purposes.  I believe that He has purposed marriage primarily for the display of His own glory.  In other words, I believe that God created Christian marriage in order to show Who He is.  Love itself.  Real.  Unconditional.  Love.

So when I pray for my husband, I am submitting myself and my marriage and my role as a wife to the very God Who has the power to make our marriage successful.  The real kind of successful.

That, my friends, is why I am committing today to pray daily for my husband.  Every single day this week.  I think I may use Stormy Omartian's book The Power of a Praying Wife to get me started.

Okay, your turn.  How are you being vigilant this week in your marriage?  I can't wait to hear... Know that I will pray for each of you too.

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cooperkelly4 said...

I think you are on to something here with prayer. I know I need to do this more. Thanks (once again!) for the reminder.

brianna said...

Thanks, Kelly, for the always encouragement. I so need to do this more than I do...

Coby said...

You're so right on with prayer! I read Stormie O'Martian's book early in my marriage; I'm thinking I should read it again. I KNOW I need to pray more for my husband! Thank you for this!

brianna said...

Coby, me too! I have the book from a long time ago. Never have I read through the whole thing, though. I've started it several times. I actually have a friend who prays through it as part of her time alone with God.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianna. You hit it right on target with this post for me. Sometimes when my husband is having a tough day (and that's often when someone is a business owner), I always ask him if he had lifted it up to God (he's only a baby Christian). I think rather than saying that to him, I'm gonna start asking him about his day more so that *I* can lift him up and whatever his stresses are to God. Thank you for this post. I think I'm going to find that book too! Love yah!

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