Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drink the Water

So I've been struck lately by the truth that God is way bigger, way more beautiful, abundantly more kind and loving and gracious and more than my tiny being can grasp. At the same time, I've been realizing how little I take Him at His Word. I mean, truly. Jesus said He is the WATER of LIFE. And He said it more than once. He claimed to be the BREAD of LIFE. If these things are true, than He should, in fact, be all I need for sustenance. Right? I mean, not that I want to live on bread and water alone, but I could if I needed to.
Here's the thing, though... He gives me not only what I need, but even more! When I let Him be my bread and water, He makes my life better than I ever dreamed. He said it right there in John 10.
So -- here's the experiment. What if I live like I believe that? What if I stop trying to find satisfaction and happiness and fulfillment, even rest, in things that aren't, well, Him? What if Jesus IS all that and a slice of bread?!? Okay, not just a slice, but the whole loaf. :)
I'm gonna' try it.
Here goes.

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