Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Smash Or Not To Smash

I had a chance to live in the "more" this morning. Spend time playing Super SmashBros on Nintendo Gamecube or play by myself on the laptop. See -- I really like doing my own thing. And now that I have this blog, I kind of have another one of my own things. So I thought I could check the blog, see if there were any new comments, maybe do a new post, play a little more with applying new gadgets, check facebook, maybe play a game or ten :) of Bejeweled Blitz . . . well, you get the idea.

The problem is that I did that last night while the rest of my family played Gamecube. In truth, I sort of needed that time "alone" (in the same room as they were, but doing my own thing). But this morning, well, it was definitely time to spend with my family. And they needed it too. Time to be a family.

Sadly, it involved a minor struggle within my own selfish being. I love my "me time". And, as a mom who stays home full time, I can almost always justify taking any possible mintue I get that is not entirely sucked up by catering to the needs of my family or my home. But, I think I've taken this a bit too far. Like I've started living like that "me time" is what's going to fulfill my life, instead of living in the truth that doing what God has called me to do (at this phase of my life that is "mommy") is actually where it's at. Well, God's been working on pulling that weed from my life. So -- this morning He gave me a chance to find a little "more" of that life that He came to give. The "more" that comes when I follow His way, His leading, His calling. And He let me have it, just a little of it, as I sat in my chair in the living room, Gamecube controller in hand, and kick some virtual tail as "Samus" in a smashing game of Nintendo.

It was fun. Even more fun than bloging.

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