Monday, June 28, 2010

The Truth About Vigilance

Create your own banner at!I woke up this morning with a list in my mind.  It was a list of qualities I wish I had.  Qualities which, in my mind, would make me a vigilant wife.  As I showered, I began to sort through the list and quickly developed a stomachache as burn-out and fatigue settled in.  I was already stressed out and had just barely started my day.  Realizing the improbability of getting through the list with my sanity intact gave me heartburn before I even ate my oatmeal.  Because vigilance takes energy.  And energy is something I lack this week as I recover from last week's chaos of five days' worth of coordinating crafts for approximately 500 children.  (Can you say crazy awesome?!?) 

And then, out of the blue, as I grabbed my towel, I remembered the Truth:

The woman to be admired and praised

is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.  ~Proverbs 30:30

The Bria version of that verse says, "The vigilant wife is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God."  (Please, please don't call me a's just an application, okay?) 

That verse is at the end of a Hebrew acrostic poem that describes the "wife of noble character" (Prov. 31:10).  Among other things, she is someone who works eagerly, demands respect in the way that she presents herself, is discerning, she's funny and doesn't worry about stuff.  Basically, the amazingly perfect wife/mom/woman that I am not.  I mean, this lady gets up early and makes her own clothes, for goodness sake! 

Insert my two favorite words in the Bible - -

but. God.

See, God made a way for me to be an amazing wife/mom/woman.  By seeking Him.  By living in the Fear-of-God.  In other words, by letting Him lead my life.  And trusting Him absolutely.  Doing things His way.  Finding out what His way is by studying His Word.  And by asking Him to show me.  And by listening for His whisper that beckons, "This way, Bria.  Do it this way.  Trust me.  Just trust Me, and I will make you the vigilant wife I created you to be."

And so I will follow my God.  The Lord Jesus Christ.  Vigilantly.

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cooperkelly4 said...

those are two of my favorite words too. "but God." Thank God for that! =0)

Coby said...

I've often read Proverbs 31 and felt overwhelmed and thought, "Yeah, right." But God! It's not about me and what I can do in my own strength!

Still recovering from our drive home from Colorado Sat., a wedding Sunday, and unpacking/decluttering all day Monday and Tuesday. I'm looking forward to linking up next Monday!

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