Saturday, August 8, 2009

Satisfaction And Then Some

My senior year in college, I read the book Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. It's one of the very few books I think I could read over and over again , although I have yet to do so. But I digress...

There is one scene in which the main character, the narrator, I believe, eats some fruit from a tree. And the fruit tastes better than anything he's ever tasted before. So absolutely satisfying, in fact, that he is exactly that --- satisfied. Truly satisfied. And he doesn't want anymore. The flavor is more amazing than anything he's ever experienced, yet he does not want more of it.

I remember being so struck by the idea of being so satified that the idea has stuck with me ever since. I still remember the discussion in Dr. Mark Cosgrove's class. I even wrote a paper on it. And here I am, 15 years later, blogging about the very same topic. I think it has so greatly affected me because I've always longed for such satisfaction in life. The kind that needs no more. Wants no more.

Well, lately God has been reminding me of His promise for full life. So I've taken Him up on the challenge. If Jesus really came so that I could have life, the life that is truly life, to the full, then He is even better than the things that I love to have and enjoy in my life. Things like Diet Coke, and getting a really great bargain, and Pottery Barn, and great new clothes, and chocolate! Sounds crazy or stupid, maybe. But I think He's up for the challenge. I'm starting to believe that He's as good as all these. And then some. So here's the journey to find the "and then some . . " that He's offered. I hope you'll enjoy the journey. And find some for yourself.

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