Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fishsticks and Lilacs

Since I started my blog, I've been trying to be more aware of and actively searching for those mini revelations I often get while just doing the mundane. That worked for a while, and kept my blog going for a few weeks, but now I'm back to the mundane with not much depth of thought to share. I'm sure there's lots going on somewhere in that brain of mine, but it just ain't revealing itself quite yet. So for now, we'll have to settle with just plain updates.
I have found that as the weather gets increasingly beautfiul, the family meals become decreasingly so. Last summer, I thought maybe I had lost my love for cooking. This time around, though, I've discovered that it's not so much a love lost, but a love put on the backburner (no pun intended, though it turned out nicely, huh?) for a season or two (namely spring and summer). The nicer it is outside, the less likely I am to be inside cooking or even planning a meal. Sadly, in fact, during this season I often find myself in the late afternoon/early evening having forgotten entirely that I have a family that will be needing dinner in an hour (or 5 minutes, depending on how lost in the moment I am). So I'm scrambling (in my brain while I remain outside) to come up with something that can be thrown together quickly. And usually I come up with something like ... fishsticks. Well, at least for the girls. I can often throw together something like a salad or something for my husband and myself expecting that we'll scrounge later when we get hungry again. :) And there actually are some great things about the fishstick meal at our house. First off, I'm almost guaranteed that the youngest (seriously the very definition of PICKY when it comes to food) will eat (provided ketchup is also involved in the meal). Secondly, they are absolutely the easiest entree to complement with side dishes -- anything pretty much goes with fishsticks!! Finally, the aforementioned benefit is that it's a quick and easy meal. (Albeit not very healthy.) I guess we can't have everything.
Well, at least we get to enjoy the lilacs we cut while being outside all day as we eat our (not so) gourmet meal! :)


laura said...

So true! I found myself wondering the same thing about my love for cooking lately. Then I discovered the gas GRILL!! Oh boy! We've used it at least 7 times in the past 2 1/2 weeks since getting it for free when my in-laws upgraded. An added benefit? Although I love to grill, my hubby does too and meal prep goes so much faster with 2 cooks!

So many wonderful summer recipes. We've done marinated chicken, onions, and peppers in Italian Dressing (YUM!); corn wrapped in butter tabs, pepper, salt, the husks and damp paper towels held together with aluminum foil (delish!), marinated chicken brushed with salsa and some lightly grilled fajita shells (surprisingly elegant!), and of course good ol' fashioned hot dogs (who can resist?)!

Just a little inspiration if you wanted to get back in the spirit :) Hey - I wonder if fish sticks are good on the grill?!? ha ha Speaking of fish sticks, have you tried Aldi's brand? Cheap and yummy!

Your girls are divine, Bria! What a blessed Mama you are!

Sandy said...

Thought about you the other night when fish sticks were the only quick meal in the freezer and time was ticking away. Also I love the Aldi's brand which are more the patty type. More fish and one box gives John and I two meals. Add a little stir fry vegies and call it a day. Love the picture of the girls on mothers day.
( VBS cruch time around here with painting coming out my ears.) HA

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