Monday, September 20, 2010

What I Want For My Marriage

When I got married, I had dreams of life as a wife.  You probably had dreams of your own.  Here's what some of mine looked like :

-Happy mornings waking up next to the love of my life, cuddling in the pre-dawn before sending each other off into the day ahead. 

-Nightly passion that would roll into the wee hours, neither one of us caring about the early-morning meeting we'd have to get up for.  That's how enamored we would be with each other.

-Playing football together every Saturday and Sunday afternoon with our five boys before heading inside for chili and cornbread. (It was always autumn in this part of the dream.) The fact that I have two girls and zero boys is nothing short of proof that God absouletly knows best and proves Himself always perfect and full of mercy in that divine plan of His. 

As you probably know, it did not take long before I realized that some dreams are actually fantasy and simply can not come to fruition.  Particularly when it comes to marrying two different people with two different sets of lifelong dreams and ultimately surrendering them to Almighty God to mold those dreams and make them His own.

So for the last 14 years, God has been molding our hearts together and making us one through and through.

Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh. 
~Genesis 2:24~

He's also been molding our dreams. And, I am finding that some of those dreams I had as a new bride have changed a bit as we become the one flesh that makes our marriage what God intended.  The one He has purposed for both my husband and for me.

And now my marriage dreams look a little different :

-You already know the one about getting old together, holding hands on our porch swing, drinking lemonade while talking and laughing about the adorable things our grandchildren say.

-But what I really want for my marriage is to show Jesus to people by the way we love each other.  I want it to be a marriage that exemplifies the lavish grace of God.  Through the forgiveness and grace we extend to each other and our children as well as our neighbors, our friends, our parents, our siblings, even strangers.

That's why I come here every Monday and renew my vigilant commitment to my marriage. Because I want my whole life, including my marriage, to help make God famous.

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What are some of the things you want for your marriage?


Jessica Fuller said...

Sorry, but I just can't imagine you as a mom of 5 boys. :)
Even though I don't always comment, I really appreciate your Monday vigilant posts. They make me think and change the way I think and appreciate.
Thank you.
Miss you.
Love you.

Coby said...

This was wonderfully put! I love laughing at some of my pre-marriage dreams (cuddling in the early morning was one of them...then I realized that when I'm in bed, I don't want to cuddle! I want my space so I can sleep! He-he). Ditto: I still have marriage dreams (lots of grandkids, traveling in a Winnebago), but I want my marriage to glorify God and exemplify the love of Christ for the church; to be an example to my un-saved family and friends, to younger generations.

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