Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Love Never Gets Old

The fact that we were watching it for the fourth time was insignificant.  I had only really watched it that one time when we saw it in the movie theater last summer.  So when I watched Up, and it came to the part of the montage where we get to see Carl and Ellie grow up and get married, dreaming of all kinds of adventures they ended up never taking, I sobbed. 

Not because they never made it to Paradise Falls together.  But because of the beautiful picture of marriage.

The love that holds on to a husband (or wife) even when the dreams don't come true.  The love that transforms the other person and truly makes them more complete.  The sticky-love that chooses to remain faithful no. matter. what.  The love that grows deeper along with the wrinkles.

There is an elderly couple who lives at the end of our road.  I sometimes pass them in my car as they are walking.  They usually wave and smile.  Sometimes they appear to be chatting with each other.  Other times, their mouths are still.  But always they are holding hands.

I can't wait to grow old with my man and still want to hold his hand.  And chat.  And take walks.

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cooperkelly4 said...

what is it about little old couples holding hands! My grandparents passed away 2 years ago. My Grandpa had cancer and after his first chemo treatment he died the next day. My uncle held him and my grandma was by his side. My Grandma died exactly 30 days later. One month was too long to be apart from her the love of her life. They loved the Lord and each other. I love that this is my heritage. I can't wait to grow old with my man either. =0)

cooperkelly4 said...

didn't mean to make you cry. =0) the intense part about it was my Grandma was actually in good health. She went into the hospital with a cold (winter time in MI) and she collapsed. Her pastor said she died of a broken heart. We know the truth. She was restored to the Lord and her husband. Bittersweet for us who miss them, but tender knowing they are together with the Lord and that is our future.

Cyndy Bush said...

That is by far my favorite part of that movie...and they did that beautiful scene with no words. Amazing.

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