Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pants That Changed My Life

I was 10-years-old when I got my first pair of snowpants. I think I was about 15 when I bought my last pair. Every pair I ever owned were for the express purpose of skiing. In fact, they weren't called snowpants in my family. We called them ski pants. But all that changed last week.

See, I lived in Southern California until I was 12. And we didn't get much snow there. Every year we got about, um, none. So I never experienced life as a young child who takes snowpants and snow boots to school in order to play outside at recess. I never even had to take a winter coat to school, I don't think. Until I entered seventh grade. That was the year we moved to northern Ohio and I learned what living in snow is like.

It's cold.

But so very beautiful. In fact, throughout my adult life, the beauty of snow has become for me, winter's saving grace. In other words, the only real things I truly love about winter are freshly fallen, untouched snow that covers trees and quiets life, and watching the pretty snow fall from inside my warm house in my big, thick, comfy sweater while I drink hot coffee and read a book on my cozy couch in front of my warm wood-burning stove. Once a California girl, always a California girl, I guess.

So when winter hit this year, after last spring's 2x4 God-smack, I knew something needed to change. So I could live this life that Jesus gave me (John 10:10) even in the winter time. So I would not just go through this winter surviving but actually living. And that needed change was most likely not going to be my kids' sudden desire to just look at the pretty snow from inside rather than playing in it and messing it all up. Oh no. It needed to be something drastic.

So I got crazy last week and bought myself some snowpants.

And I must tell you -- I am forever changed! I had a blast playing outside with my kids today in the snow! I built my first ever snow fort.

And my daughter was so impressed with it that she asked me to help her build hers! How amazing is that? We made snow angels and pushed each other down in the snow and tried to throw snowballs at each other and rode around on the sled. All things I've done before, but never have I truly enjoyed them without counting down the minutes until we get to go inside and get warm. And it's all because of the snowpants. Amazing invention, these pants.

The best part? When my daughter said "That was the most fun we've had all year!" Of course, we are only eight days in. But still. I'm just sayin'.

Now, if I can just figure out how to build a snowman...

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Jessica Fuller said...

Hey! I put my snow pants on and played with my kids in the snow yesterday too! We just went sledding down a small hill next to our house. So much fun! Maybe we'll have to try and build a fort next time.
And you've never built a snowman? It's not that can do it if you can build a fort. :)

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