Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Number Two

(note: if you haven't read the post "To Pray Or Not To Pray", you might want to read that one before you read this one)

So -- my youngest will be four in about three weeks. And we've been working on potty-training for about, oh, say seven or eight months. Not diligently or vigilantly, mind you. Subtly. And sometimes frustratedly (is that even a word?). But last week, after we had seriously run out of diapers (with the exception of one), we decided to try again. Only this time, we added prayer. My husband said, "you know, we've never really prayed about it." So we both decided that was a good idea.

And God got my almost-four-year-old to keep her panties clean and dry in oh, say about one day. (With the exception, of course, of the one time she forgot to pull down her panties while she sat on the potty and peed. Isn't she hilarious?!)

So, to sum up my week last week, from Monday to Sunday -- God saved my grandma's life and taught my little girl to pee and poop in the potty all in the same week!


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Sandy said...

subject of potty training: I just watched my 3 year old grandson and we had talked about the potty thing when he was 2.
I suggested that when he turned 3 that might be a good time to use the potty. The intrest was there but until his folks mentioned that he would not be allowed on a soccer team with a diaper,that was far more incentive to sit on the throne. At least he is trying now and perhaps Hanna also needs a goal to strive for.

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