Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Familiarity of the New

Did I mention I love springtime?

Today as I continued the "rolling my lawn" process, I got to bask in the sunshine and in the loud silence that my earplugs provide (so I don't go deaf from the loud engine). And I was reminded of the joys of last summer. I got excited to be approaching a new season in this beautiful rural land from a more experienced circumstance. I mean that this will be our second spring here, so I know the fun stuff I have to look forward to. As I drive past the sprouting daffodils and budding lilacs, I know what they will be. And I can anticipate all of the overgrowth in the woods which will bring with it lots and lots of blackberries (I hope) along with much poison ivy and thorny things. So I'll be more prepared this time -- to soak it all in as it comes, and to kill the dreadful poison as it makes itself known.

Usually I am one who loves and thrives on newness. But this year I am really enjoying the comfort and security of knowing what to expect from the spring and the summer -- long days playing and working outside with my kids. Playing bocce ball with my husbnad. Pulling lots and lots of weeds. Watching the bunnies eat my strawberries and then trying to figure out how to beat them to the perfectly ripe one.

I can't wait! And I'm loving the wait. All at the same time. :)

Look at how much fun we had last summer!

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